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Helpful articles to grow your business and improve your mindset. 

Episode #008: Adrienne Dorison – Earn More to Give More

Adrienne Dorison is a Business Consultant, Podcast Host and founder of Good Businesses Do Good™, who helps entrepreneurs double their businesses in half the time by getting them more focused, more strategic and more profitable through a process improvement approach.

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Episode #007: Carrie Severson – The Power Of Story Telling

Carrie Severson is a retired journalist with 20 years in the industry. She stopped writing stories about other people in 2014 and now shares her own personal stories on media outlets like Redbook, Mindbodygreen and She is a storyteller trainer for women around the world as well and she helps those who have stories to share write them. She is gifted at helping inspiring women craft their stories for the world to see.

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Episode #005: Lacey Craig – Living A Lit Up Life

Lacey Craig is a business mentor and success coach for high-performing women entrepreneurs. She has her M.S in mental health counseling and her M.B.A. She’s been a therapist, the director of a $45 million/year non-profit, and is the proud owner of two successful online businesses.

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Episode #003: Jessica Nazarali – Being An It Girl

Jessica is a business strategist & certified master coach for women who want to build thriving coaching businesses and become the It Girl in their industry. She is passionate about helping women to use the evergreen model for enrolling consistent clients without having to do big stressful launches.

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Episode #002: Kristin Lawrence – Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Kristin is a peacemaker and teacher of all things about conflict resolution and peacemaking from a biblical perspective. She has a masters degree of dispute resolution from SMU, and worked in the courts as a mediator and as a restorative justice coordinator for a juvenile diversion program.

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