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Client Love!

Transform your God-given dreams into a money-making business with style and grace.

I help coaches, experts and entrepreneurs, build a business and lifestyle they love

Working with Kerry has been fabulous. I first came across Kerry on Periscope and I was instantly drawn to the way she delivered detailed content with such clarity. She just has this natural way of communicating this online world of business. and I knew after our first conversation that I had to hire her!  

She has this way of being able to simplify a process, so it is straightforward and easy to understand. So no matter where you are in your business, no matter what you are struggling with, she has so many ideas and strategies to guide you and take away the confusion and overwhelm.

Kerry is such a professional and truly is an expert in her niche.  She is also a very positive, warm, and fun person to work with. She truly cares about you achieving the success you desire and will go out of her way to support you.  

As a result of working with Kerry, not only has my list grown significantly, but I have way more systems in place and so many more platforms, ideas to support my clients and take my business to the next level. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an expert with years of business knowledge to support you on your journey, I highly recommend Kerry…she is an inspiration!

Charlotte Olsson Bauer

“I am now working with amazing clients that I love. When I first met Kerry I was struggling with the visibility and confidence, critical to getting coaching clients. Kerry helped me to overcome my fears and showed me how to authentically connect to ideal clients. Kerry showed me all the steps to host and attract signups my first teleseminar.”

Kaylee Murphy

“Working with Kerry helped me to step to a higher level!  Kerry’s way of working is very grounding effective and very supportive. I hosted my first 4 training calls in the last 2 month which is something I thought I wouldn’t be able to do in such a short period of time.

I also came to Kerry with a goal to have 10 clients in the space of couples of weeks and she really stood behind me and believed in me that I could did it and I did!  Her step-by-step structure gave me clarity and ease in achieving my goals. 

If you want a practical, effective and hands on coach, Kerry is the one. “

Lauza Loistl

“Working with Kerry allowed me to not only work on my business foundation, but also build the business woman mindset I was looking for. Kerry is laser focused and knows exactly how to challenge you out of your comfort zone. As a new entrepreneur, I am definitely ready to tackle new challenges and achieve ultimate success!”

Assia D.

“The benefits I found working with Kerry were to expand on the skills I have just begun to practice as an entrepreneur. Within each call I took the opportunity to ask numerous questions and face my fears. Her specific questions drilled deeply into my core, really bringing up my why. When I began with Kerry, I was all over the place with numerous ideas and projects. I have since decreased the number of projects I do and am focusing on expanding what I know I do well, releasing stress naturally. I have also learned that I will always be evolving as an entrepreneur so it’s important for me to stay calm and focused, as well as open minded.”

Patricia Hernandez

“Kerry gave me a much-needed kick in the pants to get the ball rolling! I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Kerry right as I was preparing the official launch of my business. Her no-nonsense approach and honest, straightforward advice was refreshing and beyond helpful. Truthfully, she gave me a much-needed kick in the pants to get the ball rolling! She also instilled me with a sense of confidence — challenging me to think about my business and services in a way I never had before — which I have no doubt will help bring me more success down the road. If you’re looking for someone who will tell it like it is and inspire you to stretch and grow beyond your comfort zone, I highly recommend working with Kerry!”

Kristi Snyder

“Kerry is THE business coach to hire.  She knows exactly how to help you put together all of the pieces of your business to create a successful venture. She brings to the table years of entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise. What’s even more special about Kerry is that she is also down-to-earth, warm, personable and professional.

I couldn’t have selected a better coach to guide me as I get my coaching business up and running. I highly recommend you do the same!”

Tiffany Nycole

“Kerry is a business ninja! In just one call she was able to laser in on my struggles and help me gain the clarity to re-brand my business, identify my ideal client, and raise my wealth consciousness. If you’re struggling to attract clients or make money, sign up for a session with Kerry immediately. It will change your business and your life.”

Ashley Wilhite

“Kerry will Rock your Business and World! In my coaching sessions with Kerry she was really able to pin point exactly the holes in my marketing. She was able to offer me such great advice and steps to take. I have taken her advice and words very seriously and thanks to that I have been able to grow my Email list 200% and able to reach people I wouldn’t have been able to reach before. Kerry has this amazing energy and love for the people she works with. While talking to her I could really feel how she really Desired me to succeed. For me that is priceless. I would recommend Kerry eyes closed.”

Sherina Mayani

“Amazingly, Kerry also artfully guided me through the process of identifying my ideal client. In one hour with Kerry I gained potent clarity on what was not working for me in my working life – namely that I was seriously overstretched with the number of projects I was involved in. I have let go of four projects and am more available for the things that really matter. Amazingly, Kerry also artfully guided me through the process of identifying my ideal client. I left the session with a clear picture of who I want to work with in my fledgling business, something that I have mulled over for two years. Kerry reminded me that when building my future empire, it is wise to ‘start with one’ – and lo and behold, that first person has just walked into my life.”

Elloa Atkinson

“Before working with Kerry, I was stuck because the technology and steps that went into creating an automated webinar funnel felt overwhelming. I was paralyzed with not knowing. 

Working with Kerry ensured that I had step by step support. It was a confidence boost, a great learning experience and I have three funnel templates that I can use at any time. Win, win, win!”
Tara Newman



I help coaches, experts and entrepreneurs, build a business and lifestyle they love