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Kerry Sheppard is a business mentor and strategist who’s on a mission to help heart-led, mission-driven women entrepreneurs transform their God-given dreams into a profitable online business – with grace, ease, and simplicity. Driven by her business mantra ‘Keep it simple, sweetheart’, she shows ambitious world-changers on the rise how to make it from Point A to Point Wealthy without the stress, overwhelm, or burnout.

With over 15 years of experience at the forefront of numerous multi-million-dollar businesses, Kerry has mentored hundreds of sales representatives, helping many of them become the top sellers in their marketplace. Such expertise, coupled with her big-hearted passion for seeing women fulfill their life purpose, makes for a powerhouse strategist who knows how to lay the groundwork for a profitable business and build the foundational pillars to sustain its success.

Speaking on topics such as small business, entrepreneurship, women in business, sales and marketing, Kerry Sheppard is a well-known, loved and highly sought after public speaker and authority in the online space.

To book Kerry for your next event, podcast, telesummit, or to speak with her media team, please contact:

Kathryn Porritt, Publicist
Business Bravery

"Before working with Kerry, I was stuck because the technology and steps that went into creating an automated webinar funnel felt overwhelming. I was paralyzed with not knowing.

Working with Kerry ensured that I had step by step support. It was a confidence boost, a great learning experience and I have three funnel templates that I can use at any time. Win, win, win!"
Tara Newman

Business & Leadership Coach

"Working with Kerry has been fabulous. She just has this natural way of communicating this online world of business and I knew after our first conversation, that I had to hire her!
She has this way of being able to simplify a process, so it is straightforward and easy to understand. So no matter where you are in your business, no matter what you are struggling with, she has so many ideas, strategies to guide you and take away the confusion and overwhelm.
Kerry is such a professional, and truly is an expert in her niche. She is also a very positive, warm, and fun person to work with. She truly cares about you achieving the success you desire and will go out of her way to support you.
If you are an entrepreneur looking for an expert with years of business knowledge to support you on your journey, I highly recommend Kerry…. she is an inspiration!"
Charlotte Olsson Bauer

Personal Stylist

"Kerry doesn't hold back. Her objective is to have her clients succeed so the information she gives is focused on helping business women move towards their goals clearly and quickly.

I feel like she was not only interested in me as a client but also as a person, we connected professionally and personally. I am more confident in creating video content and what was once very uncomfortable to me is now like second nature because Kerry is such a good example of how to give value to her community."
Kristin Lawrence

Peacemaking Coach

"Kerry will Rock your Business and World! In my coaching sessions with Kerry she was really able to pin point exactly the holes in my marketing. She was able to offer me such great advice and steps to take. I have taken her advice and words very seriously and thanks to that I have been able to grow my Email list 200% and able to reach people I wouldn’t have been able to reach before. Kerry has this amazing energy and love for the people she works with. While talking to her I could really feel how she really Desired me to succeed. For me that is priceless. I would recommend Kerry eyes closed."

Sherina Mayani

Money Block Coach