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Enter the world of Kerry Sheppard Ray, a leader who means business. With a track record of steering teams to profitability, Kerry is known for fine-tuning the inner workings of businesses. No fluff, just results. Explore how her hands-on approach transforms businesses into profit-generating machines.

Kerry Sheppard Ray – a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, and sales strategist on a mission to revolutionize  business success. Kerry is your go-to expert for navigating disruptive markets, and growing people, performance, and profits with over 25 years of proven excellence, 

Empowering Teams, Driving Revenue, and Navigating Market Success

Kerry is a recognized growth expert with an extensive record of growth that includes tripling sales teams to spearheading revenue growth..

Now, with her groundbreaking book, Culture Expansion: The Proven Formula for Growing People, Performance, and Profits in Disruptive Markets, Kerry brings her wealth of experience to your fingertips.

How to work with kerry

Embark on a transformative journey as you explore how to work with Kerry Sheppard Ray. As a seasoned business executive and visionary leader, Kerry brings a wealth of experience and insight to guide you towards unparalleled success. 

Whether you’re seeking personalized coaching, impactful consulting, an engaging speaker for your event, or eager to dive into her latest book, “Culture Expansion: The Proven Formula for Growing People, Performance, and Profits in Disruptive Markets,” this section is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your business endeavors. Discover the pathways to collaboration, growth, and lasting impact as we join forces to elevate your business to new heights


Transform your business with personalized coaching and consulting sessions. Kerry's hands-on approach and tailored strategies will empower your team, drive revenue, and foster a culture of success. Let's turn challenges into triumphs together.

Thought Leadership Book Publishing

Partner with Kerry and Beverly Hills Publishing™, a fully-integrated publishing, branding, and marketing firm. Collaborate to bring your expertise to life as a published author. Kerry's guidance will shape your vision into an influential book, establishing you as a thought leader in your field.


Dive into the wisdom of Culture Expansion. Kerry's latest book is a game-changer, providing a roadmap for success in disruptive markets. Uncover the secrets to growing your team, boosting performance, and maximizing profits. Order your copy now and embark on a transformative journey.

“Kerry has been instrumental in helping me make my first $100K launch.

Thank you, Kerry, for your kindness, encouragement, and strategic advice.

My launch was successful and the clients paid in full. So grateful.


Solera Cheng

Wealth Channeling Expert, Spiritual Teacher, Author

“Kerry successfully guided me into onboarding my first 6 figure client with ease through truly understanding the power of authentic and real sales conversations.

Kerry helped me understand the value in my work and how to effectively communicate that to my prospects.”


Troy McTeer

The Anomaly Architect

“Kerry is a brilliant sales strategist with a heart. Kerry understands how to craft offers that both make sense and increase profit.

She truly understands the luxury market and how to convert nervous prospects into paying clients. I’m thankful for her expertise and guidance.


Sarah Snyder

Connection Enthusiast, CEO

grab your copy of my book, "Culture Expansion: The proven formula for growing people, performance and profits in disruptive markets".

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