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A company’s culture shapes far more than just mood and environment – it directly impacts performance, retention, branding, and strategic goals. In “Culture Expansion”, business leader Kerry Sheppard Ray draws on over 25 years of experience leading companies of all sizes to provide a practical roadmap to intentionally building a thriving culture. 

In “Culture Expansion,” Kerry Sheppard Ray goes beyond theory, immersing you in real-world scenarios with captivating case studies. She illustrates how culture profoundly impacts employee satisfaction, retention, creativity, branding, adaptability, and your company’s bottom line. At its core, culture is about identity, belonging, and meaning in your business. Kerry equips leaders at all levels with strategies to turn culture into a strategic advantage, addressing essential questions like fostering a culture where top talent feels inspired, building an innovative, learning culture, and leading with purpose to enrich your business and community.


Remember, the culture you build today creates a lasting legacy. Let “Culture Expansion” be your guide to intentionally creating a thriving culture that delivers on your strategic vision, while also enriching the lives of your team and community.

With over two decades of experience driving growth, Kerry Sheppard Ray knows what it takes to build high-performance cultures. As President of Beverly Hills Publishing, she brings an innate understanding of fostering winning environments that empower people to drive profits. 

After spearheading the successful sale of two companies and leading teams to new heights, Kerry noticed company culture was the X-factor separating good companies from great. 

This passion led her to write Culture Expansion, sharing research and case studies on shaping values, behaviors, and processes that allow people and organizations to thrive.


A proud Texan, Kerry brings her signature grit, authenticity, and humor to every endeavor. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her soaking up life in Austin and enjoying outdoorsy adventures with her husband, four bonus kids, and lovable Bernedoodle, Sir Winston.

With Culture Expansion, Kerry provides a practical playbook to build a culture of purpose, performance, and human potential. Her proven record of taking companies to the next level makes Kerry the ideal guide for leaders looking to foster excellence through culture.

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